Our Privacy Policy basically defines the ways in which onlinebecho.com use the information collected from those who visit our website and our clients.

We respect the privacy of all the individuals and organisations associated with us and we are committed to protect any infringement into the same. We might ask you for some of the information about you and your business/ products. This is purely done for us to be able to know and serve you better. We shall never share or commercially use the same without your due permission.

Our products, services and management team is organized in a way that ensures no leakage of any information from our end. We are team of highly professional and organised individuals. We understand necessity of data privacy, email address confidentility. We also expect our users, sellers, client and employees to support us by abiding to our privacy policy. Data shared between our users, sellers, clients and employees shall be on platforms of internet and other similar digital platforms.

Our effort is to use security at our end for transfer of data on internet and other similar digital platforms. Our users, sellers, clients, etc are requested to maintain internet security. Any attempt done by any individual breach our network security shall be subject to necessary legal and legitimate actions from Onlinebecho solutions India Private limited. We have no intention to scrap any data from other affiliates or internet websites for our business purposes.

If you need any more details regarding our Privacy Policy, please feel free to write to us!